Fuego Coffee Roasters

Est. 2013


Fuego Coffee Roasters takes pride in roasting and serving the best coffee, from the farm to your cup.

Fuego coffee roasters opened it's doors on August 2nd, 2013. Before this, high school sweethearts, Tony and Renee Colon, had put in their time in the coffee business; the combined total exceeding 15 years. Things started lining up early in the year of 2013 and, in the spring, Fuego was birthed. 

 Photography by Justin Michau

Photography by Justin Michau

Fuego Coffee Roasters was first conceived from a distaste for typical coffee and the carelessness involved in the general process of getting a cup of coffee into the consumer's hand. The creators of Fuego take pride in the care given to every step of the coffee process--working closely with coffee farmers all over the world, selecting the best beans, properly roasting and profiling, and using artisinal hand-brewing techniques to produce the best cup of coffee possible.

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Our tasting room/espresso bar is located at 45 Euclid St in downtown Rochester, New York.

Open daily, 7 AM-8 PM

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